Will I get back all of the images? 

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YES. With every photos session, you will receive all of the high-res, edited images. Although you will not receive the blurry, bad images, there is no limit to the amount that you will get back. If it turned out beautiful, it’s yours! That means you’ll get back tonnnns. SO.MANY.PHOTOS. hooray!

How many images will I receive? 

Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. I’ll send back all of the images that artistically tell your complete story. That said, I normally edit around 40-60 for a portrait session, and between 400-600 for a wedding. Glad you asked.

When will I receive my images? 

I ask for 3-4 weeks for a portrait session, and 6-8 weeks for a wedding.

Do you travel for weddings? 

WHY YES INDEED. Traveling is my favorite. All I ask is that you cover my flight + rental car, and we’ll be good to go.

Do you do engagement sessions?

ABSOLUTELY. These are some of my favorite sessions. You get to choose a location of your choice, and we get to hang for hours + make lovey dovey magic happen. It’s great.

What’s your style?

My background is in photojournalism. storytelling. I like clean, organic, and emotional images. The more mood the better.

How long are your sessions?

As long as it takes to get the full story. I whole heartedly believe in all-day-coverage. That means I show up when you’re putting your makeup on to the time that you leave.

How do we book a shoot? 

Payment is due day of for a portrait session, and I require a contract and a 50% deposit in order to hold the date for a wedding or event.

Will I get back unedited images? 

No, no, no. Photography is art, and editing is half the work. It’s the thing that separates my images from anyone else. A painter wouldn’t give you a half finished painting would he, and neither will I. : )

Do you have a second shooter?

Always and forever! I only work with the best of the best. My seconds have years of wedding experience, and I can share their portfolios with you once booked.

Can we meet with you before we book? 

I would love nothing more! Frankly, I recommend that we do. Your wedding photographer is with you the entire day. You’re going to want to make sure that you both vibe well together. so let’s get together over a beverage of your choice.